A Warrior Mind Meet Up

It’s Time for Coffee & Conversation!

$40.00 – Only 20 Tickets Available!
This will cover your drinks and breakfast snacks

Warrior Mind –Moving Forward

Ugh… what a year, huh?!? Perhaps some of you enjoyed being disconnected while others were craving more of it, but I bet I can venture to say that we all experienced the emotional roller coaster that took us up and down at several different points.

It’s okay – me too. ❤️

It has been way too long since we have been able to meet for Warrior Mind and I can’t wait to get everyone together!

Move Right Performance has invited us to their NEW location on Greenbag Road! They are more than physical therapy. They now have an amazing recovery center and I am excited to bring MINDSET in to be a huge piece of it this morning.
We are going to create an intimate space for a morning of CONNECTION and DISCUSSION!!
This morning is going to be about working through confidence and actions. We will be talking about what it means to choose YOU and stop building guilt around it. As women – we are natural caretakers and often “fixers!” By doing so we believe that is what will make everyone happy, but have you taken a step back and actually looked at what makes YOU happy??
Decide to choose you.
Let’s support each other in being brave enough to start the tough conversations.
I hope you will join me. ❤️
In love and health,
What you get:
Breakfast quiche (from the amazing AshlEats), coffee and mimosas – yes, alcoholic – we got to let loose a little, though we will have waters there as well!
$40 which will cover the food and the drinks.
**Only 20 spots available, so bring your friends and let’s enjoy some girl time!!**

Come Join Me For A Warrior Mind Meetup!


Sunday, July 11. 2021

Time: 9am-12noon


Move Right Performance Therapy
101 Fieldview Ave, Morgantown, WV 26501
(Just off Greenbag Road)


$40 -this will cover your food & drinks!

*No Refunds