A fun, scientifically-backed Strongman inspired fitness class…FOR KIDS!

 ***StrongKids has been temporarily closed due to COVID-19. Please check back next month for updates***

At StrongKids, we focus on LTAD (Long-Term Athletic Development) principles and plan the program around what WE believe is the most important component – that StrongKids classes and events are FUN for ANY KID while BUILDING THEIR CONFIDENCE THROUGH STRENGTH!

The backbone of LTAD is to ensure a safe progression of proper movement, physical literacy, adequate motor skills, and foundational muscular strength as a child grows and physically matures.

StrongKids uses modified strongman exercises and competitions and combines them with basic speed, agility, core work, and flexibility. In short – they become better moving, stronger, fitter little humans!

Strongman is based on real-life movements and basic movement patterns. Taught safely and effectively, strongman movements can be even safer for kids than other methods of physical fitness.

  • Picking up different objects off the floor and carrying them
    Running and jumping obstacle courses
  • Lifting different objects over your head
  • Dragging objects, or pulling them with a rope
  • Pushing objects
  • Throwing a lot of different implements
  • Much more!!

Sound familiar? That’s strongman AND human movement at its finest, and it’s what moving as a kid is about, too! Even better? It’s REALLY fun for kids, because it just looks SO COOL!

If you’re looking for an awesome way to keep your kids active and interested in staying healthy, we promise StrongKids will deliver. We look forward to seeing you!


* For families with multiple kids, there is a $20 discount for all children signing up for 2 days/week past the first child, $10 discount for all children signing up for 1 day/week!
Want your child to try it out first? Choose One-Time Payment. It’s only $10 for the first class!

* Online Payment for our twice-weekly StrongKids classes is currently down… but class is still going strong! Bring the kids right on over to class and pay there, or message us about how to pay via PayPal! *