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Fitness Training, Clean Eating And A Positive Mindset.

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Hello! I’m Micki Pauley …

Fitness coach, Warrior Body founder and motivational speaker.

I have always been active. As a child I was in many sports and even when I wasn’t at a practice or a soccer game or a gymnastics meet, you would find me outside riding bikes with my brothers or at my neighbors house shooting some hoops. As I got to college I quickly realized that it was now up to me to get movement in and so I found my love for lifting.

I worked with many different trainers – learning a lot from each one. I started competing in physique competitions in 2012 where I truly found my passion for nutrition. I have delt with anxiety almost my entire life and when the nutrition really became a key part in how I handled my anxiety I was hooked. Since then, I have been able to help many change their lives through nutrition alone. With me, you learn just how important key nutrients to not just feed your body, but also your brain!

Warrior Body began in 2015. It started out as a fun and challenging group fitness class at Viking Performance Training here in Morgantown, WV. As Warrior Body started to grow I noticed that it was doing more than just helping others lose weight and feel stronger – a strong mental aspect was beginning to develop. My warriors minds were becoming stronger and more brave. This directly correlates in how they approached their nutrition and exercise game.

Warrior Body quickly became a family like atmosphere and now today, it has become a movement … helping hundreds of individuals around the country. Through proper nutrition, functional exercises, building a strong mind, and doing it all with a team of accountability partners- ANYTHING is possible.



Highly Effective 8-Week Training Program

Unlimited access to the 8 Week Warrior Bride program. Five workouts per week plus two active rest days.

Train Anywhere, Any Time

All Warrior Bride workouts can be done at home with a few basic pieces of equipment, such as kettle bells, dumbells and straps.

Train Within Your Schedule

With the Warrior Bride program, you can get wedding ready with just 45 minutes of training every day.

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  • Receive a nutrition plan and access to the Warrior Body Pinterest page and recipes–because you can’t out-work a bad diet!
  • New to Weight Training? Every workout includes training videos to teach perfect form.
  • Warrior Brides have direct access to Micki via email to answer any questions at any time.