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“Finding Freedom on the Other Side”

The Program Begins Monday July 13th!

⚡️I WANT TO HELP YOU TAKE YOUR POWER BACK and create freedom in your life that will open up your entire world.
💕I want to help you jump the hurdles of your biggest fears and create opportunities for yourself that you never thought you would see!
Here is what I have found that not only stopped me from jumping my hurdles, but is stopping many others! ⬇️
1) Not being clear enough on our goals – this creates uncertainty and confusion on our actions which creates inconsistency
2) Wanting results quickly – our goals have to be much bigger than something that will only makes us happy on the surface. We have to go deep and understand patience.
3) Not having a strong support system – pay attention to the conversations you are having! Are they feeding your objections or calling your bluff?!?
4) Not believing we are worthy of our goals – that the life we often dream of isn’t really for us – it’s just something nice to think about.
5) Tiptoeing around other people’s emotions – afraid that by taking time for yourself is going to upset someone else
6) Not prioritizing – it comes full circle – to the reason number 1 – how clear are you on your goals?!?
💕 I HAVE CREATED A 6- WEEK PROGRAM that is designed solely to work on your mindset and focus on your biggest fears that are stopping you from getting to the other side of mental freedom.
🌟Everything I listed above all comes from a place of fear.
💛We put walls up, instead of boundaries to protect ourselves and because of that we never take the time to address the root issue of what is holding us back.
💕During this 6 – week program – I am going to take you through my exact process that has helped me over the years and continues to help me as I work on busting through my biggest fears.
💪🏻Each week is a different part of the process, but what is important is that we are going to start where YOU are and build on what you need each week.
What you are going to receive: ⬇️⬇️
⚡️A 30 -minute welcome call with ME: this is where we are going to go over your goals and get clear on your fears so that we can bust through them in 6 weeks!
A 30 – minute exit call where we are doing to discuss where you feel that you are towards the end of the program and how I can continue to support you.
⚡️A Step by step process of how to overcome your biggest fears that are holding you back from becoming your most high vibe self!
⚡️1 group ZOOM call a week with myself and the other women (Most likely Wednesday evenings – calls will be recorded)
You will get to hear from a guest speaker during week 3 who is going to blow your socks off and show you that ANYTHING is possible no matter what you are going through or have been through.
⚡️Access to our private Facebook page where you will receive additional support and coaching
⚡️Access to me during the day for questions that come up
⚡️A support system of women who are also going through something similar – so they GET IT and will have your back every step of the way!
This program is for individuals who are READY to finally say YES to themselves and bust through their fears and finally live a life of abundance.
💜You must also be ⬇️
💯Open to change
💯Ready to grow
💯Understand that I cannot do the work for you, but I will give you the tools and the support you need to grow
🔥This program is limited to 10 women so we can keep this party small and intimate!
We start Monday, July 13!


[Warrior Body Online] gave me the tools and insight to work towards my goals and help me discover my true passions and vision for my future!! This program brought me so much clarity and now reassurance that I’m exactly where I need to be and doing exactly what I need to be doing!

The past 6 weeks have been filled with some good challenges, advice, and some outside of the box thinking that I needed. I’m so thankful for this program and even more excited for where I’m going!

I’m so blessed to be able to work with Micki and encourage anyone to take the leap and dive into this program. 🙌🏼❤️“


“Love This! 

I got my acceptance to @barterandbe today! Life With @mickipauley_ AKA YOU has given me so many resources in addition to everything else!“


[Warrior Body Online] was an awesome experience! Instead of going into the new decade with another New Years resolution, I feel ahead of the game! Micki really supported me in this time while I’m preparing for an amazing new year; instead of my usual pattern of pushing my goals aside and “forgetting” them in the hustle of daily life, this program helped me to keep them at the forefront and taking daily action.

I still have work to continue after this round, but I think the greatest gift I received from doing this program was renewed awareness and clarity of what I truly desire, what my current habits are, and what I need to do to reach my goals.

Having Micki in my “corner” virtually each morning has been such a blessing. In the past, I’ve felt alone in pursuing my goals, which can be part of the challenge you have to grow through, but Life with Micki allowed me to align with like-minded individuals and to feel community- which made all the difference😇.  She is such an encourager and powerhouse in her industry. 

She shows up for us every day, so it’s kind of hard to stay in a rut and not show up for ourselves with her challenging us. I recommend this program to anyone who needs help achieving business or health goals!”